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We would love to have you, your family, your friends and your horse join the Southwest Washington Paint Horse Club!  We offer Individual Memberships for $15 per year, Family Memberships for $25 per and Business Memberships for $25 per year.

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As a club, we enjoy all things human and equine and celebrate our association with this great American Paint Horse in many ways. 

We meet every month for our General Membership Meeting at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month, at La Costa Mexican Restuarant on Thurston Way, right across from the Vancouver Westfield Mall. 

We organize and host the ColorPalooza APHA and NWCC approved horse show in May.

We hold fund-raising events at the Equine Expo and the Canby Tack Sale.

"Penelope" - the Paint Horse is "trotted" out for community outreach programs.

We host training clinics and equine events to better our understanding of the modern Paint show horse.

We support our members at local events and horse shows.

We promote the American Paint Horse Association and the Paint Horse breed throughout the year with broad media outreach, sponsorship of young riders and within our Paint Horse show community.  SWWPHC always has a presence at NWCC approved shows as well as PAC approved shows.

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Showing Your APHA Horse

If you plan to show your horse and are a member of SWWPHC, you will need to provide the SWWPHC Points Keeper with your "Declaration" Form.  This lets our Points Keeper know that you will be showing your horse and to keep your show points on record for any Year End Award achievements. 


Click Here for SWWPHC Declaration Form


The NWCC Declaration Form is for the Northwest Coordinating Committee free to our club members.  The NWCC is a very generous awards program that celebrates and recognizes APHA Breed Show exhibitors for each year.  For more information on the NWCC program click the logo below.

NWCC Declaration Form


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